Fluke Networks Previews Single Pair Ethernet Testing at Industrial Automation Show

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is making waves in the industrial automation world as a potential replacement for fieldbus archtectures. At the recent Rockwell Automation show, Fluke Networks demonstrated a prototype Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) adapter for the DSX-8000.

5. Dezember 2019

Anixter’s New Utility Grade Infrastructure

Fluke Networks has announced support for Anixter’s Utility Grade Infrastructure. That means that Anixter Certified UTG Integrators can use the DSX CableAnalyzer to certify their installations. We thought we’d explore the UTG program and what it offers the marketplace.

30. November 2019

Troubleshooting Fiber on the Cheap

If you troubleshoot fiber on a regular basis, you probably have an array of tools to help you do the job, including an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. But we often get questions from customers who don’t troubleshoot fiber enough to justify such an expensive tool.

21. November 2019

The Poet’s Guide to the Physics of Twisted Pair Cabling

I once took a class where the professor would explain concepts in two ways. First, he would dive into the mathematics behind the idea, filling the whiteboard with equations and showing how they all related to one another. He tagged this “for the engineers”. Then, he would explain the concept again, but this time, with no math at all. This he said, was “for the poets”.

14. November 2019

6912-Glasfaserkabel: Das ist wirkliches Testen!

Während in den meisten Rechenzentren von Unternehmen die Anzahl der Glasfasern von 12 bis 144 reichen können, ist die Anzahl der Glasfasern in Cloud- und Kolokations-Rechenzentren viel höher - normalerweise liegen sie bei 864 bis 1728.

7. November 2019

Versiv bleibt am Ball

This week, we announced the latest enhancement to the Versiv Cabling Certification System: the FiberInspector Pro MPO inspection camera. We thought this would be a good time to review the changes made to Versiv since it launched and how that lets you maximize the value of your investment.

24. Oktober 2019

Bandbreite und Datenraten

Die Begriffe Bandbreite und Datenraten werden häufig synonym verwendet, unterscheiden sich jedoch in der Tat erheblich, wenn Sie in der Kabelbranche arbeiten.

17. Oktober 2019

Kabel-Tracing – Bis zu 600 V?

In a typical week, we get more questions on our Pro3000 Tone and Probe Series than any other product. That’s not surprising, as we sell a very large quantity of these testers.

10. Oktober 2019

Drei neue innovative Produkte und vielleicht eine Zukunft?

If you dropped by the Fluke Networks booth at the Fall BICSI Exhibition on Las Vegas this week, you had a chance to see three winners of the Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine’s Innovator’s Awards, and a possible candidate for a future award.

4. Oktober 2019

Prototypen für eine Zukunft von freihändigen Tests

Sometimes, it seems like you need an extra hand when you’re testing.  For example, when using our FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro MPO camera, you need a hand to hold the connector, a second to hold the camera, and a third to run the phone or Versiv unit and view the images.  Most of the time, it’s not a big deal – for example, once you get the cable connected to the camera, you’ve got a free hand to operate the phone or Versiv.  But it could help productivity in some cases if you had that third hand.  Since we’re not in the prosthetics business,

24. September 2019