Why a Cat 6A Patch Cord Adapter has that funny little “A” next to the 6

January 7, 2012 / General

If you’ve seen a set of Category 6A  Patch Cord Test Adapters, you may have wondered why the “A” is subscripted.  It has to do with the standards that the adapters support. The little “A” denotes that the adapter meets the ISO/IEC specifications for a patch cord test. Adrian Young has written a nice Knowledge Base article that explains why this is the case, and how you can be assured that a tested patch cord also meets the ANSI/TIA performance requirements.Here is a link to the article:http://myaccount.flukenetworks.com/fnet/en-us/supportAndDownloads/KB/Copper-Testing/DTX-PCU6S/Category+6A+Patch+Cord+Certification.htm