Product Registration...Whats the point?

October 26, 2011 / General

I don't register products that I buy.  I am not worried about another email or phone call, black helicopters, or any of that.  It's just that most of the stuff I purchase isn't worth the effort to fill out a form, find a stamp, and mail it to the manufacturer.  And like you, I am really busy with other tasks that seem more important.  For example, by the time I got ready to mail the registration form in for my Bose headphones, the only apparent benefit (the rebate) had lapsed.  So am I a hypocrate to say that failure to register a DTX CableAnalyzer is an epic fail?  Absolutely not!  Here are a few reasons why:

1.) The DTX CableAnalyzer is worth a lot more than my Bose headphones.  Not only did you pay a lot more, but unlike my headphones, your business depends on it. 

2.) The success of a DTX user can be enhanced through regular interaction with the manufacturer.  My headphones don't get regular firmware upgrades, and tips about how to use them can't save me thousands of dollars through increased productivity.

3.) Its a competitive advantage (or disadvantage if you don't register your DTX) for you.  If your competitor knows about a new capability, cable or standards menu upgrade before you, who has the upper hand?

Registering a product with Fluke Networks is not difficult or time consuming. Just go to our website, /register create an account and start tracking the serial numbers of your testers there.  No post cards to fill out, stamps to lick, or rainy walk to the mailbox.  This will give you all of the benefits already stated, plus save you time in the event that you need to contact tech support for help.  In the United States, we've even made it easier. Your Distribution Sales Representative has the ability to register the product for you!  We just finished a contest where we awarded prizes to sales reps that registered the most DTXs for thier customers.  Aaron Crisp of Professional Sales Agents brought home the grand prize!