New Infographic on What's Really Going On in the Minds of Structured Cabling Professionals

June 17, 2013 / General

You're deep in the trenches of cabling projects everyday, ensuring cleanliness, testing links and troubleshooting problems when they arise. Throughout the project work cycle, you may think to yourself, "Man, using all these different testers really slows my process," or "we could get paid so much faster if we had more skilled technicians on the team."

You're not alone. In fact, Fluke Networks recently conducted a market survey to see what concerns and problems plague cable installers, project managers, and business owners. Conducted globally, the survey asked more than 800 business managers, technicians, and project leads to discuss what types of projects they're performing, and how they feel about the tools and resources they have.

We found that more than 77 percent of all cabling professionals think they could get jobs done faster with more skilled employees, but 71 percent think finding them is a challenge. 57 of project managers think they could get jobs done faster with better quality if there was better supervision of the teams, and more than half believe mistakes made in testing hurt profitability.

We turned this survey data into an infographic (below) detailing the state of the cabling industry, and how cabling professionals are losing money every step of the way, from set-up to systems acceptance. The bottom line? Cabling professionals spend an average of 47 hours per 1,000 link jobs dealing with problems in testing, losing thousands in wasted labor dollars.

The infographic also details how the just released Versiv Cabling Certification Product Family helps data communications installers more quickly, accurately, and profitably achieve systems acceptance for fiber jobs. With future-ready modules for copper, fiber, and OTDR testing, brand new ProjX software for managing multiple projects, and unmatched speed of testing for all current standards, the tester family is the fastest way to achieve systems acceptance.

Here is the State of the Industry Infographic:

Infographic - State of Cabling Industry

For more information on the Versiv family of testers, please visit: /versivfamily