Social Distancing the LinkWare Live Way

While everyone has been working smart and social distancing, LinkWare Live surpassed another milestone with over forty million test results uploaded since it was launched back in 2015.  Last spring, we passed the twenty million mark meaning that LinkWare Live usage continues to grow exponentially, with total uploads doubling about every 12 months.

29. Mai 2020

Die OM Mantra

Nach Übernahme der Nomenklatur vom internationalen Standard ISO / IEC 11801 wird der Multimodefaser nunmehr die Kennzeichnung „OM“ vorangestellt.

Wie in unserer Sparte immer wieder zu lesen ist, steht das Akronym „OM“ nicht für das vom Yoga bekannte Mantra, sondern für „Optical Multimode“, was in diesem Zusammenhang auch viel mehr Sinn macht. Betrachtet man jedoch die verschiedenen OM-Varianten, so sind die Unterschiede zwischen ihnen nicht ganz so eindeutig.

Werfen wir einen genaueren Blick darauf.

22. Mai 2020

2020 Cabling Industry Salary Survey Now Available

For the second year, Fluke Networks has teamed up with Cabling Installation and Maintenance to survey structured cabling professionals for salary information. 

14. Mai 2020

What are all those specialty cords you use?

I was recently asked by a customer, to whom I was demonstrating a Fluke Networks OptiFiber® Pro OTDR and CertiFiber® Pro OLTS, why do you need all those specialty test leads to make measurements?  Why can’t I use patch cords?  We often take the understanding of such things for granted, so let’s take an in-depth look at the various accessory cords you need to make measurements accurately with our testers.

7. Mai 2020

But I can’t get to the far end!

There are often times when you have to test a fiber link, but you can’t access the far end.  One of our customers, for example, was required to test fiber links to offshore wind platforms.  Unfortunately, in order to set foot on a platform, the technician would need to complete three days of safety training.  Three days training, lost time and all to test just a pair of fibers running to each tower.

30. April 2020

Get Reel Before You Install!

It’s obvious why you might want to test reel of cable before you commit your time and resources to installing it. While it would be nice to think that every reel of cable coming out of the factory is in perfect condition, that’s not always the case. Furthermore, what’s not to say that the reel wasn’t damaged during shipping and handling? Just imagine testing the cable plant after installation only to find out that the cable is faulty—now that’s time and money lost!

23. April 2020

What’s On Tap?

For those of you who got excited at the thought of happy hour when your customer requested a TAP, we thought you could use a little tutorial on these data traffic monitoring devices, the difference between passive and active TAPs, and some of the key considerations.

16. April 2020

Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation in Industrial Ethernet Cabling

While standard and Industrial installations of Ethernet share many of the same characteristics, such as frame sizes, signal levels and data rates, there are significant differences as well. One of these is the physical environment in which the cabling system operates.   

9. April 2020

Industrial Ethernet vs. Kommerziell

We all know that Ethernet is the de facto physical layer communication protocol for data transmission between devices in a local area or wide area network. It has evolved over the years to deliver higher levels of performance while maintaining backwards compatibility, reliability and relatively low cost, which is why it has maintained its popularity.

2. April 2020

Testing Plug-Terminated Links—Internationally

Der Modular Plug Terminated Link oder MPTL, bei dem ein horizontales Kabel, das an einem Ende an einen RJ-45-Stecker angeschlossen ist, direkt mit einem Gerät verbunden wird, erfreut sich für den Anschluss einer Vielzahl von Geräten immer größerer Beliebtheit – von drahtlosen Access Points und Sicherheitskameras bis hin zu PoE-Leuchten und Videoanzeigen – praktisch überall dort, wo es unpraktisch oder unsicher ist, eine Steckdose und ein Gerätekabel zu verwenden.

26. März 2020