Version information - OptiFiber Pro

Keeping your software current gives you access to new features and the latest test limits. When you connect your Versiv/TFS main frame to LinkWare PC Software to download results, it will let you know if you Versiv/TFS main frame needs a software update - so long as that PC has an internet connection.

If you need to update your Versiv/TFS main frame, this article will walk you through the process. The update to the unit takes approx. 5 minutes.

Verify your software version
Power up your Versiv/TFS main frame or press the HOME key and tap TOOLS > Version Information to display the software on the MAIN FRAME:

OptiFiber Pro Software Version Verification

With a module inserted into the main frame, you will see the option to tap MODULE at the bottom. Go ahead and do that now to display the software version in the module.

OptiFiber Pro Module Version Information Screen

Zusätzlicher Hinweis:
The modules software is independent to that of the main frame. Whilst no data is stored there, the engine inside that module can be updated if we need to. If you happen to update the main frame without a module in it, don't worry. The next time you put that module in the main frame, the Versiv/TFS will update it automatically for you (takes approx. 5 seconds).

So what happens if the module has newer software than the main frame? Will it work? The answer is yes, the test will be seamless.