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FI-IN App Version Release Notes

18. Juli 2019

Announcing new FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Pro iOS and Android Apps (FI-IN  v1.1)

New versions of the iOS and Android Apps (FI-IN v1.1) were pushed to the Apple Store and Google Play earlier this week.

Mobile App versions being pushed to stores

  • iOS – 1.1.213
  • Android – 1.1.178

New features / enhancements in FI-IN v1.1 include

  • Support for inspection of both End 1 and End 2 of the MPO cable
  • The “Versiv”ification of the FI-IN User Interface (UI) to make it look and feel more like the Versiv UI
    • Improved Project Management - Easily identify the Current Selected Project
    • Improved Test Result Summary
    • Easier to read fiber identification numbers when viewing PASS/FAIL results of an MPO end-face
    • Improved display of PASS/FAIL results when viewing a single fiber
  • New Document Only limit

Why can I not find FI-IN the app store?

  • Be sure you are typing the name correctly. It is “FI-IN”  Do not include any leading or trailing characters when you search
  • The app may not come up to the top of the list when you search for it.
  • Try searching for “Fluke” or “Fluke Networks” if you are having trouble finding “FI-IN”

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