OTDR Test Results Screen - DTX Compact OTDR Module

Reading OTDR Test Results
The tester offers four different views of OTDR test results:

  • Summary Results
  • OTDR-Trace
  • Event Table
  • Detailed Results

Reading the OTDR Results Screen
The OTDR Results screen, which appears when the test is finished, is described in Figure 1.


Highlighted Largest Event Failure


Abbildung 1. OTDR Results Screen


  1. Overall result for the test:
    • PASS: All measurements are within limits.
    • FAIL: One or more measurements exceed the limit.
  2. The limit, fiber type, wavelengths, and fiber end number (1 or 2) used for the test.
  3. Measurements taken and each measurement’s status:
    • Check Mark: The measured value is within the limit. A yellow check mark means there is a warning for the result. To see the warning, press F2 View Events; then press F3 View Details.
    • i: The measurement has no PASS/FAIL limit in the selected test limit and is provided for informational purposes.
    • X: The measurement exceeds the limit.
  4. Shows the OTDR trace.
  5. Shows the Event Table.
  6. Shows the limits used for the test.
    • Länge: The length of the fiber in the cabling. If the measured length seems wrong, check the Index of Refraction in Setup. The length does not include launch and receive fibers if launch fiber compensation is enabled.Tip: In some cable types, some or all of the fibers may be longer than the cable jacket and some fibers may be longer than others in the same cable. To adjust the length measurements to represent cable jacket length, change the index of refraction until the measured length matches the jacket length.
    • Overall Loss: The end-to-end loss of the cabling, excluding the OTDR connection and the end event. The loss does not include launch and receive fibers if launch and receive fiber compensation are enabled.Overall Loss does not include the losses of the first and last connectors in the cabling if you did not use launch and receive fiber compensation. If the test ran at two wavelengths, the highest loss of the two wavelengths is reported.
    • Largest Event: The event with the largest loss.

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