Compensating for Launch and Receive Fibers - DTX Compact OTDR Module

The launch compensation function marks the end of the launch fiber and the beginning of the receive fiber on OTDR traces, and labels these events in the event table. It also removes these fibers’ losses, lengths, and attenuation coefficients from overall OTDR results. The losses of the connections at the launch and receive fibers are not removed from the results.

Types of Compensation
The tester offers three types of compensation:

  • Launch Only: Lets you compensate for a launch fiber.
  • Launch + Receive: Lets you compensate for a launch fiber and a receive fiber.
  • Launch + Fiber + Receive: Lets you compensate for a launch and receive fiber if you have forgotten to do so before the receive fiber was taken to the other end of the cabling.

    Launch + Receive compensation usually provides the most accurate measurements. Avoid using Launch + Fiber + Receive compensation on fibers longer than 8 km, as doing so may degrade measurement accuracy.