SYNC Error Codes Versiv to LinkWare Live

Here are some error codes and causes, with regard to SYNC not working from Versiv to LinkWare Live:


401 – Not authorized, username or password entered incorrectly

403 – User isn’t allowed to access, possibly accessing a project from someone else’s Organization, of which the user is not a member

404 – Project doesn’t exist

409 – Trying to upload/create duplicate project

422 – Invalid project, test setup, or result data was sent up to LinkWare Live

503 – Server is unavailable


Make sure that corporate firewalls are not blocking communications between Versiv and LinkWare Live.  You may need to work with your IT group to have them make exceptions for the ports and servers below and try again after that.  

Another option is to use a mobile phone as a hotspot sharing a data connection (not Wifi from the corporate network).  You will also need the TP-Link WiFi adapter connected to your Versiv.