Brady Text Label Mobile App (iOS and Android) with Fluke Network LinkWare® Live Connectivity

The Brady Text Label Mobile App has been updated to integrate the wireless printing capabilities of the Brady BMP®51 or BMP®61 portable printers with the industry-leading LinkWare™ Live Service from Fluke Networks.

The integration between the Brady Text Labels Mobile App and LinkWare Live improves the efficiency and productivity of network and cable labeling processes by eliminating the manual task of loading the printer with data. The same cable identification data that resides on the LinkWare Live database can be used to automate the process of producing the labels.


The Brady Text Labels Mobile App provides the following benefits:

  • Print labels onsite, even without an internet connection. Before traveling to a job site, pull label sets from LinkWare Live software to your local device, ensuring the ability to label cables and panels during testing.
  • Add custom formatting to your labels. Apply custom label formats to your LinkWare Live label sets. Adjust font, bold, italicize, underline, text size, and justification.
  • Save time and reduce errors. Project managers, cable technicians and installers can easily access projects in LinkWare Live to import cable ID data to the Brady BMP51 or BMP61.



In which countries can I get the Brady Text Mobile App with support for LinkWare Live?
Currently, the app is available only in the US and Canada.

I already have the Brady Text Mobile App – do I need to download the new version to integrate with LinkWare Live?
No! If you already have the Brady Text Labels Mobile App on your device, the new release will be pushed automatically. No additional effort or cost investment will be required on your part.

Can I still use this functionality if my worksite does not have a Wi-Fi network?
Yes! Prior to leaving your shop with Wi-Fi, download the project data from LinkWareLive into your mobile device using the Brady Text Labels Mobile App. The data is stored on your device for use when on a jobsite without Wi-Fi.

What Brady printers will I be able to use with this functionality?
Brady is the only supplier that offers multiple printer options with the benefits of the mobile app functionality. You will be able to use either the BMP51 or BMP61 portable printers with wireless capability.


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