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Reference measurement with the OMNIScanner(2)

The last OMNIScanner left the factory back in July 2005. We regret to say service and support ended July 2009. It's replaced by the Versiv familly of testers.
A reference must be set when the OMNIScanner and OMNIRemote are used as a set for the first time. After the initial reference setting, the process should be repeated periodically to ensure unit verification. The OMNIScanner stores reference data for up to 5 remote units by serial
  1. To set the reference, connect the OMNIScanner and OMNIRemote using the Permanent Link Adapter and Channel Adapter supplied with the scanner (Fig. 1).
  2. Turn the OMNIScanner on
  3. Press Setup Setup Button in OMNIScanner
  4. Select Set Reference
  5. On finding the OMNIRemote, the scanner reports: Acquiring Reference Data. A gauge will indicate the progress.
  6. Once the reference values have been recorded, the OMNIScanner displays the Remote Info screen.
  7. Press ESC to return to the OMNIScanners Setup screen.

Connected OMNIScanner and OMNIRemote with Permanent Link Adapter

  You can also do this with two Channel Adapters and a quality shielded patch cord. However, the above method is preferred.

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