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OMNIScanner is reporting COS GPF Record Info error

The last OMNIScanner left the factory back in July 2005. We regret to say service and support ended July 2009. It's replaced by the Versiv familly of testers.
This is an internal Operating System error within the OMNIScanner. It typically looks like this:

COS GPF Record Info
ES,IP= A0800,A0850
ES;DS= 10850;A8900
Flags = 0A005B01
Call Tech Support

This may be just a software error that can be cleared by resetting the OMNIScanner. To reset the OMNIScanner, remove the AC and the battery for 15 seconds. This should clear the error.
If the error will not clear, the OMNIScanner is dead - sorry.

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Erstellungsdatum: 27. Februar 2014

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