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How do I update my OMNIScanner and Remote?

The last OMNIScanner left the factory back in July 2005. We regret to say service and support ended July 2009. It's replaced by the Versiv familly of testers.
Download the latest software by clicking here. (CAUTION: This requires a serial port and using a USB to serial port adapter is not recommended)

Connect the OMNIScanner to the OMNIRemote using a Link adapter and a Channel adapter. Run an Autotest to check the integrity of the patch cord.

OMNIScanner Connected With OMNIRemote

  • Connect AC power to the OMNIScanner and the OMNIRemote.
  • Do not turn the OMNIScanner on.
  • Connect the main unit to the PC with the supplied serial cable.
  • Begin the Reflash process on the PC, but do not press the update button.
    OMNIScanner Update Utility 

  • Press and Hold the AUTOTEST and ENTER buttons and while holding them down, press the On/Off button.
    AUTOTEST and ENTER Buttons on OMNIScanner
  • This will place the OMNIScanner into Waiting For Reflash mode.
  • Click the update button on the PC to begin the reflash. This will update the Firmware in both the OMNIScanner and the OMNIRemote.

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