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Editing Circuit ID's in the OMNIScanner

The last OMNIScanner left the factory back in July 2005. We regret to say service and support ended July 2009. It's replaced by the Versiv familly of testers.
To edit a Circuit ID in the OMNIScanner, go into the Stored Autotest Results screen by pressing the Results Button (File Cabinet) Results Button in OMNIScanner
Stored Autotest Results 

Highlight the Project folder that contains the Autotest and then press Enter to see the individual results.
Highlighted Autotest Project Folder 

Highlight the individual test that you want to edit and then press the edit key Edit Key in OMNIScanner
Highlighted Individual Test 

On the Edit Screen, highlight the Circuit ID and press Enter.
Highlighted Circuit ID Screen 

Begin editing the Circuit ID field using the OMNIScanner keypad.
Editing Circuit ID Field in OMNISCanner 

You can erase a single character using the Erase A Letter button Erase A Letter Buttonor clear the entire field by using the Clear A Field Button Clear A Field Button.
Once you have finished the editing, press Enter. Save the changes by pressing the Save button Save button. You can now exit the Results screen or edit another Circuit ID.

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