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Port speed and duplex - DTX-NSM

The DTX-NSM detects the ports speed and duplex once the Network Connectivity test is complete. The DTX-NSM will display the speeds supported by the switch or hub and the duplex (half or full). It will also display the current speed. To view the supported speeds and duplex of the switch or hub:
1.        Turn the dial to MONITOR > Highlight Network Connectivity > press TEST
2.        The following information will display: 
            Port Speeds: 10/100/1000 
            The current speed will be displayed by the 10/100/1000 number displayed in green.
            Half / Full Duplex: 
            Half duplex - Alternating dotted arrows 
            Full duplex - Solid arrows in both directions
3.        The Negotiation Details screen (shown below) will display the detailed view of the actual connected speed and duplex.
4.        Highlight Negotiation Details > press ENTER 
                                        Network Connectivity screen Negotiation Details screen
Hinweis: Token Ring is not currently supported by the DTX-NSM, nor will it be in the future.

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