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Overview of the Network Connectivity test - DTX-NSM

The DTX-NSM Network Service Module tests the basic connectivity of a device on a network. The test results can be saved as a stand-alone test or combined with a cable certification test.
The Network Connectivity results will display as follows: 
                                            Example 1                                                                 Example 2
Here is an overview of the Network Connectivity results screen:
          Supported speeds by the switch or hub :10/100/1000
          Current speed is displayed in green
Duplex (Half/ Full)
          Half duplex - Alternating dotted arrows in both directions
          Full duplex - Arrows solid both directions
          PoE displays if the device appears to support Power over Ethernet
          Fiber displays for a fiber link
Crossover Indicator Port Color (twisted pair only)
Compensation is noted with the following port colors:
          MDI (green) - Hub or switch compensated for the cable is straight through, or a crossover pairs 12-36
          MDI-X (orange) - The DTX for a crossover cable by crossing pairs 12-36
          Details located in the Negations Details
Network IP Addresses
          DHCP Server (Shows only if in DHCP mode)
Ping Replies for Requests
          Results indicated by green or orange-colored check marks or by a red-colored X
Traffic Monitor
Traffic characteristics monitored are:
Port Blink
          Icon of the device blinks when the port blink function is active
          Additionally, the hub or switch will have a blinking activity LED light
          The ping list can be entered in manually or imported from LinkWare 

Setting up the DTX-NSM CableAnalyzer to test network connectivity:
1.        Rotate the dial to MONITOR
2.        Highlight > Network Connectivity > press TEST 
3.        Connect the cable or fiber to the appropriate module Jack of all network testing
4.        Press TEST 
5.        The DTX-NSM CableAnalyzer will perform the following tests: 
The Network Connectivity results are listed above.

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