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ID Locator - DTX NSM

The ID Locator function helps you quickly identify link connections at a patch panel. This function requires one or more optional Fluke Networks LinkRunner Cable ID locators and the DTX-NSM.

Beschreibung: Kabel-ID-Kit (Nr. 1-8)
Part Number: CABLE ID KIT
Rotate the dial to MONITOR and select ID Locator. With the DTX CableAnalyzer connected to a link with one of the Cable ID Locators, you will see: 

Wichtige Hinweise 
  • Wiring faults may cause the tester to misidentify the ID locator's number, or prevent the tester from detecting the locator.
  • ID Locator results cannot be saved.

Verfasser: Fluke Networks

Erstellungsdatum: 20. Februar 2014

Letzte Änderung: 20. Februar 2014

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